Auto Locator
With access to a national network of spotting cameras in combination with proprietary program, we can locate the current location or location history of any vehicle in the United States. We have developed a unique method that will pin point the location or past locations without using GPS. Hit ratio is 50/50 and this service requires a license plate number or VIN number. Certain restrictions apply. Average cost $100. Regardless of the result, this will shed some light on the subject's whereabouts. We provide photos of the vehicle, times, dates and locations. Contact us to order

Financial History
This is the ultimate source for your subject's spending habits, income, and all assets. Although other firms claim they have managed to build their own system to access the central banking hub, our firm has the upper hand on this service. We utilize confidential sources and techniques and provide you with income reported, open accounts, brokerage, income from partnerships, properties owned, vehicles etc. Service limited to law firms only. Whether you are going through a divorce, a probate matter or you need to check credit worthiness of a company/ person this is a great service. Contact us for details

Employment Search 
Besides being one of the most requested services, unlike the standard background check, this service is designed to search for a deep past. This is a custom detailed report requested by law firms which will include current and pervious employment history, total reported income up to seven years. We can also search for medical claims/ treatment. Whether its a divorce case or a risk management situation, this can be very beneficial.

Social Networks
Today, most block public access to their social media pages. We have developed a proprietary techniques that allows us to gather intelligence on the subject's posts, location, and other personal data. This is a great tool for fugitive recovery agents and skip tracers.

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