Missing Persons
For over 21 years I have been personally involved and located hundreds of people in the United States. This is an art and a talent that simply can't be computer generated. Although databases offer great information, however it's how and where to find the information and then connecting the dots is what's more important. Many claim results but only few succeed. This a very lengthy and systematic process were we cover all avenues and look under every rock and then go out on the field and validate all leads until we locate your loved ones.

This is the concrete visual evidence that speaks for itself. Our team guarantees the maximum results whether for personal or business needs. For over 20 years we have the privilege of providing our clients with quality video, which document the subject's movement and daily activities. We utilize state of the art equipment and the best covert cameras available on the market today.

Background Checks
This is one of the most requested services and a powerful risk management tool used to verify the integrity and credit worthiness of any person or company. We have access to multiple databases and direct subscription with all U.S. Courts, including Federal (District) courts. However, we don’t rely on computerized results; we utilize persons in the county where the search is needed to verify the information and obtain any documents to validate our findings.

Civil & Criminal
In criminal proceedings finding key evidence or witnesses will make a great difference and at times creates reasonable doubt. We take the time to understand the charges and will examine your file to find any inconsistencies. With my efforts I can help to ensure innocent clients will not be found guilty. In civil actions, we can assist with due diligence, locating witnesses or obtaining any information needed to help your case.

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